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Selling Gold and Silver Online vs. Locally
If there comes a point in time where you would like to sell some of your gold and silver, you are going to need to decide where you would like to sell your precious metals for cash. There are two primary options when it comes to selling: online and local. When you are selling online you will likely get better prices, but this isn't to say that you couldn't potentially strike a deal with a gold and silver store near you. Take a look at the various benefits to each method of selling precious metals.

Selling Gold and Silver Online

To sell gold and silver online, you first need to find a site to work with. Of course we recommend giving us a call, but finding a place to sell is the easiest step. Once you have agreed to fair prices for your transaction, there is still a little bit of work to be done.

When buying or selling gold and silver online, there are many measures in place to ensure both sides are getting a fair deal. When buying, prices are locked in at the time of the order to ensure buyers do not lose out on gains between order and delivery. When selling, prices are also locked in right away to ensure sellers do not hold out on their transaction if the spot price happens to go up.

Online, you will generally need to provide credit/debit card information when selling. This is taken so that, should you cancel the sale, you can be billed for the market difference. In other words, if you agree to sell 1000 bars of silver for $40,000, the price then rises to $40,500, and you do not complete the transaction, you would be billed $500. Of course, you are not going to be billed anything whatsoever if you complete your end of the deal.

Selling online is optimal because it is easy, prices paid are competitive, and you are dealing with a trustworthy company. If you are considering selling gold and silver at a store, continue reading below.

Selling Gold and Silver Locally

If you are aiming to get cash in your hand a bit more quickly, selling to a local store could be your best bet. Payment takes a few days when selling online due to the time needed for shipment and completion of the order, but you can get paid right away if you sell to a brick and mortar store.
Convenience is the primary asset of local gold and silver dealers. These dealers are also likely to pay you a reasonable rate. Now, if you attempt to sell your bullion to a “Cash For Gold” or pawn shop, you are going to get a much lesser rate. When selling bullion, it is always best to seek out a credible company like GemTime that has worked in the buying of gold and silver for decades. Since they are as easy to find as pawn shops in almost any area, you are going to earn a better rate and it will be just as convenient.
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